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Mrs. A. E. Miller, Bicycle Mechanic
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Sittig Dress
Lena Sittig's Dress Design
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Lena Sittig Portrait
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Florence Lewis' Bicycle Baby Carriage
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Mrs. Harry Kirkpatrk, a bicycle agent pictured on Riverside Drive, New York City
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Fanny Thompson, superviser of Acme Cycling Company
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Print Advertisement for Christy Saddles
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Indianapolis Chain and Stamping Works Letterhead
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Effie Battenberg's Bicycle Umbrella Attachment Patent
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Hosea Libbey's Bicycle Patent
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Hosea Libbey's Electric Bicycle Patent
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Dell Hawes' Pneumatic Tire Patent
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Naly and Jones
Sarah Naly and Mary Scott Jones' Bicycle Saddle Patent
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Colleen Norcross' Bicycle Carousel Patent
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Catherine Williamson's Bicycle Saddle Patent
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